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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your photographic style?

My typical style is a mix of nostalgic and photojournalistic. I do love a good warm, timeless, and earthy photograph. You'll find most of my favorite photos are the ones that I snap when you're not posing or prepared. Those capture the real you and the story I want to tell when working with you! I can do more posed shots, just be sure to tell me if that's something you want mixed in! But be aware it wont be the majority of your photos.

Are you vaccinated?

Yes! Double vaxxed and boosted!

How many photos will we receive?

Every session and wedding is going to be different, so none are going to get the exact same amount of images. I let my sessions flow naturally, which means you'll receive the amount of images in relation to how it goes. I do guarantee that all lifestyle session will receive 100+ photos, and full day weddings will receive 600+ photos.


How long does it take to receive photos after our session?


For wedding gallery's I send them out one month after your wedding day - sort of like a one month anniversary present! All your hand picked, professionally edited photos will be delivered through an online gallery that allows you to download them digitally for free. All lifestyle sessions (portraits, families, couples, etc.) have a 2-3 week turnaround depending on how busy I am! 

Do you offer sneak peeks? Yes!! For all my weddings I offer sneak peeks of some of my favorite shots, which means you'll receive fully edited photos to share immediately!


Do you travel for photo sessions?

Definitely! I love traveling and doing so to capture memories for others is even more special. I offer complimentary travel up to 30 miles outside my area, anything more would be a small fee.

I do also have my favorite shooting locations, so contact me if you'd like help deciding!

Do you watermark your images?

Nope! Since I only deliver digital photos I don't like to distract from the subject - you! I do always appreciate a tag/photo credit when you share the images!

Do you edit in black & white?

I absolutely LOVE black and white photos! While I don't offer every shot in black & white, I do offer those that truly tell a story. Ones that feel more emotional and raw tend to really pop even when the color is taken out!


When I do edit a few in black & white I always include the same photo in color as well, so you can decide which you prefer! If you see any in your gallery that you think you'd prefer in black & white, just shoot me a message or email and let me know. I'd be more than happy to add one or two in for you.

Do you recommend a second photographer?

In short, definitely!! While I do my best to get every moment at your wedding, I can't be in two places at once. Having a second photographer ensures we won't miss a moment of your special day! The job of my second photographer is to capture ceremony+reception details, cocktail hour, and candid moments of your guests throughout the day. It'll be less stress on you, since you'll know every moment is captured, and less stress on me as I can place most of my focus on YOU! I will bring in someone I trust, and will still be the one editing all the photos!


What if it rains?

My answer for this depends on the type of session we're doing together. If your wedding/session is taking place in Southern California, chance is this question is very rare to happen. Either way, things happen and I am prepared to make things easy for you! Read below for what we do whether it's your wedding day or a lifestyle session!

01  Wedding clients - I always check one month out if there is any indication of rain be possible on your wedding day, and if there is I'll reach out and ask either you or your coordinator what the rain plan is. I do have a couple of clear umbrellas in cases like these, so we can still get some portraits done outside if there's no break in the rain! They say rain on your wedding day is good luck though, right?

02  Lifestyle clients - If your session happens to fall on one of the three days a year it rains in LA, then we can easily reschedule! I tend to keep a few slots open each month for rescheduling purposes so we should be able to find a day not far off from your original one.

Tell me about you!

You've had the chance to ask me questions and learn about me, tell me about yourself and what you're looking for! Contact me and let's grab a coffee and chat ~

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